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BTC  Strong Health Supplement from Charge Products UK

Authentic BTC Only From Charge Products UK 

What Is BTC ?

BTC  is specially formulated to help Promote a healthy body.

If you have ever researched the amazing benefits of


  • ·         Vitamin C
  • ·         Turmeric and
  •      Black Pepper Extract


then you know all 3 are a Potent Powerful Force even on their own for a healthy body.

The benefits they bring are still untapped and may always be as big pharmaceutical companies will not do large studies into them are there is no profit, as they are inexpensive supplements, so we are lead to believe they are not as good as pharmaceutical expensive products. This is just completely untrue, And small scale studies are proofing this time after time, even bettering the more expensive pharmaceutical brands that have side effects.

For the first-time BTC Combines all 3 to bring to you one of the

Most Powerful Health Supplements on the market today.

I have done much research into these supplements on their own for my own personal reasons and for the first time they are now infused together to bring you BTC

BTC is an inexpensive real alternative to expensive and unnecessary pharmaceutical products


Designed to be nature’s way to stay healthy.


Natures Ingrediants

 High Quality  Vitamin C ,


Black Pepper Extract.


How to Take

2 X Capsules a day 

Should Not Be Used as a alternative to a balanced diet 

Includes FREE UK Delivery

Same day dispatch Monday to Friday up to 3.30pm 

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