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Chill Warrior

Chill Warrior

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Chill Warrior- MOOD ENHANCER 

Original Mood Enhancer  Caps from Charge Products  UK

Mood -Enhancers your brain needs certain chemicals it produces by its self to feel good, sometimes our bodies get low on these chemicals hence we feel down. Warrior Fire has added ingredients to help make your body produce more of the chemicals it basically needs to feel good. · 

Appetite Suppressant, basically you’re not hungry and when you are you don’t want to eat so much, you eat less food, 

Chill  Warrior Super Ingredients

Hordenine – A Very Powerful Stimulant  it gives less or no crash like caffeine does also acts as an appetite suppressant, meaning when you have had your busy work out you don’t feel the need to binge eat and put on all the calories back on you just burned off. can produce increased energy expenditure in healthy people.] This leads to more calories being burned, even while you're not working out.

Hordenine can also lead to an increase in the release of norepinephrine and a reduction in the metabolic destruction of norepinephrine.

Known as a very powerful key to weight reduction, norepinephrine helps increase metabolism and significantly reduce appetite. By activating norepinephrine, Hordenine might work much like other very effective weight-loss compounds.

Caffeine – Strong - Pharmaceutical Grade, One Of Most Legal Stimulants on the Market, Gives Strong Energy and Mental Focus Branded fancy packaging brands are loaded with it, hence you have a max energy burn than you have a crash and feel like dogs dinner, there’s nothing in fancy brands to help with the crash they can’t afford it, they spent too much on fancy packaging hence the cheap as chips caffeine.

L-Tryptophan – A Very Powerful Mood Enhancer, your body works on -5-HTP that your body produces naturally but sometimes it doesn’t produce enough hence you feel down and depressed., your body takes L-Tryptophan and turns it into 5-THP giving you a natural high feeling, basically working out at the gym or getting all the chores done with a smile like a Cheshire cat.

Black Pepper Extract – Has been found to stop fat cells forming – wicked!

Even better is black pepper has Anti-cancer properties. It also helps your body absorb the nutrients it wants and needs basically amplifies the other ingredient that are already doing a great job just got fitted with turbo power.

Charge Products UK  is the only distributer of Chill Warrior

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