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Energy - Super Strong ! NEXUS from Charge Products UKs Leading Supplier

NEXUS has been formulated to give you  Extreme Energy  for a hard gym workout or busy day / Night out on the town.

Why Hordenine  

Hordenine gives higher energy levels than just caffeine also unlike caffeine there is less crash, basically you get what you pay for as caffeine is a very cheap stimulant compared to Hordenine HCL that costs 4x more. 

Most fancy weight loss products contain just caffeine, but they do have some very nice fancy packaging, they try and make out there is some other bits in there to make out there selling something great,but the main active ingredient is still just caffeine !

We also stock Hordenine hcl in powder or capsule form - Our best seller how ever is PEA and Hordenine,that is something special from the Charge Products UK House


Formulated to give 

  • Very High Energy Levels !
  • More Energy in turn reduces Fat
  • Mental Focus
  • Enhances Mood 
  • Reduces Appetite 
  • Less Crash
  • Comes with FREE UK Delivery 

​All Charge Products  can be used in capsules or added to juice drink


50/50 Ratio


Hordenine HCL

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