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Ignite - Aphrodisiac x 4

Ignite - Aphrodisiac x 4

Brand: Charge Products UK
Product Code: Ignite - Aphrodisiac x 4
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Buy Ignite - Strong Aphrodisiac Capsules

x 4 Capsules 

  • For Men and Women
  • Helps  improve libido and Sexual Perfomance.
  • Gives a Nice Warm Flush Feeling

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These are the Strongest Aphrodisiac Pills in the UK !


Pure Red Korean Gensing 


How To Use

2 X Capsules before bedtime.

Pure Sourced High Quality Red Panax is an Asian / Korean ginseng processed using heat and steam for preservation purposes.

Chinese herbalists believe it to be the “hottest” and most potent and King of Ginseng.

This form is traditionally used for treating cold syndromes, including cold limbs, exhaustion and weak pulse.

Certain users even see it as the ultimate enhancer of male and female libido. 

Charge Products UK Just added a little kick for Extra Performance, but we won’t tell if you don’t. 

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