Health Benefits of Taurine

Taurine Tablet

Taurine occurs naturally in the human body. It is amino acids that help to form proteins. The human body uses protein to repair tissues and grow new ones. You may find it naturally in some foods like fish and meat. It is used as an added ingredient in energy drinks. Taurine is also used as a dietary supplement. It is popular in the health and fitness industry due to its potential benefit of promoting healthy metabolism. When it comes to the health benefits of taurine, the list is long such as improving sports performance, keeping your body running, supporting heart and brain and more. This article explains the health benefits of taurine. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Supporting the Heart and Brain

Taurine is found in both the brain and the heart. High levels of taurine in the brain may help it keep functioning correctly and reduce the probability of age-related neurological disorders. You may call it a tiny youth’s fountain of your brain. According to some animal studies, its supplement may benefit your memory and learning. Another study showed that the supplement of taurine could improve cognitive function in older people that have dementia. 

May Fight Diabetes

Taurine also combats diabetes and improves blood sugar control. A study was conducted on diabetic rats to check its effects. According to a study, if you use the taurine supplement for a long time, it may decrease the fasting blood sugar levels without any change in the physical activity and diet. Higher levels of fasting blood sugar are very important for health. If you have fasting blood sugar levels, it leads to type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. As animal studies showed, taking more taurine could prevent type 2 diabetes because it may reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. 

Support Healthy Metabolism

Taurine plays a crucial role in promoting healthy metabolism and digestion by helping the liver to produce bile salts. The bile salts help in digestion and break down the intestinal fatty acids. Bile acids are the keyway to breaking down the cholesterol in the body. About 500mg of cholesterol is broken down each day and converted to bile. To do this process, it needs taurine. 

May Improve Heart Health

Taurine may also help reduce the risk of cardiac disease. According to research, there is a link between lower death rates from cardiovascular disease and higher taurine levels. Furthermore, it may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. It helps decrease the resistance to blood flow leading to reduce high blood pressure. It may also minimize the brain’s nerve impulses that can be the reason for increased blood pressure. Improving exercise performance

In some people, taurine may improve exercise performance. One study found that a supplement of taurine can boost the exercise performance in trained runners. It helps regulate muscle function. It may also lower the risk of muscle fatigue while working out. It is also believed to protect the muscles from damage, letting you work out for more time without experiencing muscle soreness.