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Health benefits of zinc and magnesium

Natural mineral supplements can offer comprehensive nutritional support and help improve your body's absorption of certain other minerals and nutrients. For the proper functioning of processes in your body, small amounts of minerals are required. If you left mineral deficiencies untreated, it could cause osteoporosis, anemia, endocrine imbalance, and other serious health problems. Zinc and magnesium are the minerals that are important for various processes in the human body. Here are the health benefits of zinc and magnesium.


Zinc is known to strengthen immunity and aid in preventing colds. It also increases the blood cell count. Other uses of zinc in preventing and increasing the health of women body are as:

· It is necessary for the function of many enzymes in the body.

· It is effective in regulating the hormones in the body

· It increases the fertility

· It aids in the body absorption of minerals such as calcium which can help to prevent the osteoporosis

· It is anti-inflammatory

· It has tissue healing benefits which aid in the improvement of numerous conditions like acne and poor skin health

Zinc can be found in abundance in the foods such as oysters and pumpkin seeds. Other zinc-rich foods include most types of meat products, beans, nuts, whole grains, and many other seeds.


Magnesium is essential magnesium like Zinc that is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions and enzymes. Low levels of magnesium in your body cause insomnia, muscle weakness, headaches, constipation, and more. Magnesium is helpful in various body functions that are given below:

  • Magnesium helps to maintain nerve function and keep your heartbeat rhythm more steady.

  • Like Zinc, it supports a healthy immune system.

  • It may also support bone health because it is crucial in developing and maintaining bone health like calcium. 

  • It is also involved in protein synthesis and energy metabolism that our body requires for certain chemical reactions. 

Health benefits of zinc and magnesium:

Boost mood:

Both zinc and magnesium are essential to brain processes and signals.  It may help boost your mood if you take zinc-magnesium supplements.

Improve sleep quality

Are you suffering from insomnia? These minerals may improve your sleep quality. According to studies, magnesium, a daily regimen of zinc and magnesium, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you fall asleep faster and feel relaxed.

Support bone health

Like calcium, zinc and magnesium also support bone health in a variety of ways. These minerals help in building bone cells while preventing the cells’ formation that encourages the breakdown of bones.

Strengthen immunity

Both zinc and magnesium reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system. However, inflammation is a normal response of the immune system, but its chronic levels may promote illness and damage your health.

Control blood sugar levels

They can control your blood sugar levels. According to research, magnesium may help to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patients as it enhances the ability of your body to use insulin. 

Bottom line:

As most women are deficient in zinc and magnesium, so taking supplementing of these common minerals is worth considering. These minerals are also important for hormone balance, bone health, and metabolic function. At charge products, you can find the zinc and magnesium supplement if you don’t meet the daily recommendations for any of these minerals.