The health benefits of NR and where to buy online

NR is an acronym of Nicotinamide riboside which is occurring of vitamin B3 that works within the human body cells to aid several cellular procedures that support brain function, healthy ageing and metabolic function and liver health. NR belongs to the vitamin B3, and it is found in meat, milk, vegetables and fruits. It is widely used for high cholesterol, anti-ageing, obesity and some other conditions. In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of NR and where to buy it online.



Health benefits of NR

Nicotinamide riboside offers many health benefits which are given below:


Supports brain function

The levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD and sirtuins increase in the brain cells and nerves that stimulate an enzyme that support the neuroplasticity and cognitive function. Moreover, it also increases the ability of the brain cells to adapt and learn the new environment. It also increases the activity of PCG-1-alpha enzyme, which stimulates the cells to produce more mitochondria that create more energy.

Supports healthy metabolic function

As mentioned above, the sirtuins and NAD increase in the brain cells and cognitive support functions, so our cells become metabolically active and efficient when it comes to converting food to energy. This can also help us effectively use cholesterol, insulin and have the inflammatory response.

Activates Enzymes That May Promote Healthy Aging

NR helps increase NAD+ levels in the body, and in response, NAD+ activates specific enzymes that may promote the healthy ageing process. The sirtuins improve the overall health and lifespan in the animals. According to studies, sirtuins may boost stress resistance, repair DNA, reduce inflammation and give you some other benefits that promote healthy ageing.

May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Ageing is the key risk factor for a cardiac disease which is the leading cause of death all over the world. It can cause the blood vessels such as aorta to become less flexible, harder and thicker. Such changes in the vessels can raise the levels of your blood pressure and make the heart work harder than before. According to studies, the rising levels of NAD+ in the animals can help the ageing changes to arteries. While in humans, NR raises the levels of NAD+ that help to reduce the stiffness in the blood vessels like the aorta. In adults, it lowers the systolic blood pressure at risk of high blood pressure.

Supports normal liver function

Liver cells are those types of cells that are most metabolically active. Liver cells metabolize the substances such as hormones and neurotransmitters that we make in our bodies. Moreover, these cells also constantly metabolize the detoxifying substances from endotoxin and exotoxin-means from within and from without food and the environment. When we support the mitochondrial function and NAD production, the potential for fat to deposit in the liver will be reduced that promotes the normal inflammatory response.

Where to buy online:

NR or Nicotinamide riboside boosts the NAD+, which comes with plenty of health benefits such as brain health, ageing, normal liver function, heart disease risk and more. To take advantage of this supplement, use premium quality NR by Charge product.