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Health benefits of vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 is one of the primary nutrients which promote the production of your DNA. It helps maintain your nerves and blood cells and prevents various illnesses that might attack either of the two. In extreme cases, deficiencies can lead to anemia. However, that is extremely rare as the body is known to store the vitamin for years. To prevent such defects, we are here to talk about some of the expected health benefits of B12 and raise awareness about why you should consume the supplement.

Here are some of the expected benefits

It's good for your eyes!

Because the vitamin is related to your nervous system, it is closely linked to the functionality of your optic nerve. If you are consuming vitamin B12, you can be sure that your vision won't deteriorate any time soon. At least not due to a deficiency!

Prevents anemia

We just talked about how deficiencies in B12 can lead to anemia. Reverse the roles, and we see how B12 can help fight anemia because it helps produce red blood cells. The vitamin helps the blood cells develop properly means they can travel around the body and perform the essential functions required of them.

Prevents congenital disabilities

Studies show that babies in utero need a certain amount of B12 from their mothers for their nervous system to develop appropriately. Some studies suggest that mothers with low levels of B12 were twice as likely to give birth to children with congenital disabilities. Moreover, low levels of B12 in the mother were also linked to miscarriages and occasionally premature births.

It may act as a mood booster.

Serotonin is the neurochemical known to increase your mood. Vitamin B12 is known to help metabolize the chemical and regulate your mood better. With serotonin regulated and rising, there is a strong chance that you will see the effects translating through a positive attitude. Though the exact link between mood and B12 has not yet been established, the link to serotonin certainly has passed through a fair amount of research.

A healthy tongue

You might not think so, but regular and adequate levels of vitamin B12 can prevent your tongue from swelling. A conditions know as Glossitis causes the tongue to swell, turn red, and is extremely painful. The disease has been linked to lower levels of B12. Therefore, it stands to reason, if you want to avoid the condition, consider consuming adequate amounts of B12.


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