DMAE and its health benefits

DMAE is a compound that can enhance your memory, affect your mood and improve cognitive function. It is also beneficial for ageing skin. However, there are not many studies that support these benefits. It is believed that it may have benefits of many mental conditions such as depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our body naturally produced DMAE. Moreover, it is found in fatty fish that includes sardines, anchovies and salmons.

Health benefits of DMAE

Support memory:

Some anecdotal evidence shows that DMAE may support memory or memory loss that is associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But there are no studies that support these claims.

Improve brain function

DMAE is thought to increase the acetylcholine’s production, which is the chemical that helps the brain cells to transmit signals. Acetylcholine also plays a crucial role in many brain functions such as memory, learning and more. When you take the supplement of DMAE, it may boost your brain health due to the higher level of acetylcholine.

Treat Alzheimer's disease and ADHD

The supplements or drugs that raise the levels of acetylcholine in the brain can be used to treat Alzheimer's disease. So DMAE has the potential benefits of treat Alzheimer’s disease. However, researchers didn’t find any promising results. It is also used to treat ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), but more evidence needs to support this claim.

Boost mood and athletic performance

It has been looked at to boost mood, athletic performance and improve the symptoms of depression. A study was done in the year 1977 on the older people who cognitive problems due to their age had found that DMAE reduced anxiety, depression and bad temperament. This study also found that DMAE was also beneficial for increasing motivation. Some anecdotal evidence showed that it might help to boost athletic performance when paired with other supplements and vitamins.

Reduce hyperactivity:

During the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, a lot of studies were done on kids found evidence that it may be helped decreased hyperactivity and helped them to focus on the school all day long. But there are no recent studies that deny or support these findings.

Reduce wrinkles and firm sagging skin:

A clinical study was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology that found that a facial gel contains around 3% of DMAE which was helpful for reducing wrinkles and fine lines in the forehead and around the eyes when used for 4 months. According to this study, it improved the lip fullness, lip shape and overall appearance of aging skin. A study done on mice and human indicated that it might improve the appearance of skin and hydrate it as well.


For an effective or safe dose of DMAE, there is not too much scientific evidence to establish. There has been some dose that researchers used in scientific studies. For instance, in a study where they examined the athletic performance benefits of DMAE, all participants took around 300 to 2000 mg of DMAE supplement or Deanol per day. The effective and safe dose s depends on many variables such as gender, medical history, age and others. Talk to your doctor to get personalized advice.