Hordenine and its health benefits

Hordenine is a chemical that is found in the barley. Its structure is quite similar to the stimulant that is found in the Seville orange. Hordenine is also used in some weight loss and athletic performance supplements. Hordenine is also found in cacti, grass species and algae. You can take it orally for weight loss and improving athletic performance.

Increase energy, alertness, and focus

Hordenine is injected to the horses to increase their alterness in a matter of minutes. The pulse rate and breathing rate is increased by 100%, which increase the alterness.

However, the effect lasted for up to twenty minutes and was not observed when you took hordenine by mouth. It increases the response by 65% to the noradrenaline in rats and guinea pigs. But it didn’t increase the alertness on its own but by stopping noradrenaline removal.

It increases the response to noradrenaline (function as hormone and neurotransmitter) and effects of noradrenaline include increased focus and energy when you consume hordenine. However, no study or clinical trials have been done to support these claims.


In an animal study, hordenine improved the effectiveness of insulin and reduced sugar levels in the blood. In addition, it reduces oxidative damage, inflammation, and tissue scar that consequently prevent kidney damage.

Skin Appearance

Melanin is a skin pigment, and when it is overproduced in the cells, it can cause many skin issues such as age spots, brown patches or melisma and freckles. Hordenine can decrease the overproduction of melanin by 30%. It is achieved by deterring cAMP production, which can express proteins required to produce melanin.

Lean muscles gains

Hordenine is included in the bodybuilding supplement because of its stimulatory effects. However, it is said to be an effective stimulant, but its effects seemed to be short-lived in horses that can last only for 30 minutes. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen in case of humans as studies have indicated that when hordenine supplement or supplement containing hordenine was given to trained males, it increased the noradrenaline levels in them reaching a peak at 90 minutes after consumption. It plays an important role in boosting workout performance in athletes.

Hordenine Benefits for Fat Loss

As mentioned above, it has a stimulatory effect; it may also be an effective thermogenic to boost your metabolism and later shed an extra pound of fat loss. According to one study, when a supplement contained hordenine caused a substantial increase in energy usage and led to fat burn.

Hordenine Recommended Doses and Ingredient Timing

The above scientific studies used the amount of hordenine dose about 20 mg because it was an effective stimulant as this dose. You need to take it around half an hour before your workout to boost your exercise performance. If you want to use it for a fat burning supplement, then take it in the morning and again 6 hours later. It can be found in pre-workout supplements and fat burners as well. Hordenine rarely come as a simple supplement.