Where to buy caffeine and its effects

General Information about caffeine

Caffeine is known to be a stimulant for the central nervous system. By taking some amount of caffeine, you feel to be temporarily more energetic and awake. However, there are certain disadvantages as well. If you discontinue taking caffeine or take overdose of this drug, then it can cause many hazardous problems which will be mentioned below.

Occurrence of caffeine

Caffeine is found naturally in many different plants such as tea leaves, cacao pods, kola nuts and coffee beans. It can also be prepared synthetically and is a part of many of our drinks and foods. Other than leisure and recreational purposes, the caffeine is also vital component of a lot of prescription medicines. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has estimated that about 90% of the world's population is ingesting some amount of caffeine in any form. Only in the United States, the 80% of population consumes some amount of caffeine daily. It is thus called as the most extensively consumed stimulant of the world.

The effects of Caffeine

There are many studies and scientific reports that prove the energy boosting effects of caffeine but also report the jitters as side-effects. However, apart from that, there are a lot of benefits of caffeine that make it worth trying. The primary purpose of taking caffeine is usually the wakefulness feeling that it induces but there are a lot of other additional benefits too that include its use as a nootropic, as an aid in body composition and also as a supplement for endurance. These uses and effects of caffeine will be mentioned in detail below:

Use of caffeine as a nootropic

There is still a debate to declare caffeine as a nootropic. Thus, it is yet not fully considered as a true nootropic. The confirmed effects of caffeine are:

·         Caffeine has the ability to supplement concentration.

·         It can also supplement alertness

·         It has the ability to supplement short-term memory too.

·         Caffeine is also reported to be able to benefit the reaction time.

Use of caffeine for endurance

In both anaerobic and aerobic exercise, caffeine holds significant position as it has the capability to benefit endurance. There are many benefits of caffeine which include anti-fatigue advantages which result in the delay of onset of muscle fatigue while the person performs anaerobic workouts. Thus, caffeine will provide you with an opportunity to work longer. Also, for the people who require additional endurance for aerobic workouts, caffeine can be a good and legal supplement. Studies show that caffeine elongates the time for an individual to exhaust.

Effect of Caffeine to the body composition

If you need a healthy metabolic rate, then caffeine can surely prove to be a great supplement for burning more calories and thus providing you with a reliable and healthy metabolic rate. There was a scientific study conducted upon some participants where all of them were able to lose weight after combining caffeine with low-calorie diet. Thus, the study shows that caffeine can also work for weight loss solutions. However, the human body develops the tolerance to caffeine very soon, therefore it is suggested that caffeine should be used intermittently so that you can receive maximum results.

Powder or capsules?

It should be noted here that the caffeine is available in both capsule as well as bulk powder form. Both the supplementation methods are equally effective as per the required objectives, however, capsules tend to be a lot more convenient.

Method to cure jitters?

There are some people who have a problem with the jitters being caused as a side effect of using caffeine. For all such people, there is a solution in the form of L- Theanine capsules. All you have to do is combine the caffeine stimulation effect with the L- Theanine relaxation promoting supplement and then see how both these will provide you with a unique and interesting mix i.e. awaking and alerting your mind while producing no side effects like headaches or jitters. Thus, you will be able to attain concentrated and smooth energy while there won't be any sort of drawbacks as caused by other supplements and stimulants.

Where to buy caffeine?

Caffeine is considered legal in almost all the countries. If you want to buy it from local pharmaceutical stores, then you can easily get it by showing the prescription of your doctor. However, the most convenient way of buying caffeine will be to order it online. There are a lot of online chemical shops and stores where you can place your order and receive your caffeine powder or capsules at your doorstep. There may be a lot of vendors, but you have to make sure you choose the reliable one. So, do check out the reviews of that particular shop or online site from where you are buying your caffeine.