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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy more than anything else!

Here at Charge Products UK , we respect the privacy of the individuals and keeping that in mind, we have designed our Privacy Policy that follows strict guidelines when it comes to sharing the personal details of the buyers or clients.

This policy by xharge products UK states how we collect information from the buyers and how we utilize those details for the betterment of the service and to make it more customized.

Information that we collect

There are a few important details that we collect from the customers and visitors which are given voluntarily. These are very basic details that help us to frame the customer specification and what they are looking for at us. The details include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact No.
  • Email id

All these details are stored in a secret database with very limited access to it. Only authorized personnel from the company have the access to the database and no unauthorized person can access the details. These are stored safely!

The usage of the details

These details are only used for the purpose of improving the service and those are not shared with any third party or for any promotional purposes. The details are stored in our secret database that is scanned after a regular interval in order to prevent malware attacks. The details are removed from the system after a certain period of time. We mention again that the details are provided voluntarily by the customers or visitors by filling up some simple forms and we do not use cookies to track any detail. reserves all the rights to make change to the policy as per the company discretion and without any prior notice to the customers and visitors.