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Health benefits of L-Arginine and where to buy online

L-arginine helps your body to make protein. It is found in your diet and available in dietary supplement form. Nuts, fruits, meat, dairy products and poultry are rich in L-arginine. It helps the body stimulate the insulin release and clear the ammonia (a waste product) from the body. Moreover, it helps the body make nitric acid, a compound that eases the blood vessels. According to studies, it may also benefit some health conditions while some researchers also found that it may have harmful effects on some people.

Health benefits of L-Arginine

Helps to regulate blood pressure

The supplement of L-arginine can help you regulate blood pressure. L-arginine could benefit the people who have cardiac problems and protect your heart too. According to studies, taking the supplement of L-arginine may lower the readings of your diastolic and systolic blood pressure. For the production of nitric oxide, L-arginine is required. Nitric oxide is essential for the cell’s relaxation that regulates blood pressure.



The clinical trials show that L-arginine reduces anxiety. Around 137 healthy people voluntarily participated in two clinical trials where 3 grams of L-lysine and 3 grams of L-arginine were given to them. The researchers found that it not only reduces anxiety and improved the levels of stress hormone in response to anxiety or stress. However, these clinical trials are not enough to support the usage of L-arginine to limit stress. More clinical research is needed.


In women, the fertility issues are often due to poor response of ovarian to hormones. The supplement of L-arginine may increase the pregnancy rates by a good ovarian response to hormones. The researchers were found in a clinical trial on 34 women experiencing assisted reproduction.

Burning belly fat:

Amino acids are famous t help in bodybuilding. For example, L-arginine decreases the action of adipose tissues (belly fat). The stores of belly fat lead to obesity. If a person accumulates more belly fat, then he is at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Stimulates production of HGH

L-arginine can increase the levels of human growth hormone (HGH) that help to increase metabolism rate. When you take its supplement in very large amount, then it can increase the levels of human growth hormone.

Increased energy:

It is used in many supplement formulas as an ingredient. It is also used in various functions, including boosting cardiovascular health and improvement of sports performance. L-arginine is a nitrogenous acid, and it stimulates the nitric oxide’s production. The function of nitric acid is to dilate the blood vessels. When the blood flow increases through the body, it helps increase the energy that leads to enhance body performance.

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