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Increases Absorption of Calcium


When you take L-lysine, it helps to better absorption of calcium in your body that helps the people with osteoporosis. However, there are no studies that support its association with osteoporosis. But due to the crucial role calcium plays in bone health, its supplements can be beneficial for the people who are having brittle bones. Athletes take its supplement to improve their performance because it helps the body to absorb calcium.

Supports a Healthy Gut


The leaky gut syndrome is a common problem, but most people don’t aware of it. In this condition, the digestive tract lining allows the larger particles to go into your body and digestive system. This condition causes joint pain, allergic reaction, low energy and thyroid disease.


Poly-L-lysine is a form of L-lysine that is known for the anti-inflammatory effects on the gut lining. More researches on this amino acid may prevent the leaky gut syndrome. Moreover, L-lysine is also helpful for other digestive system diseases and suppresses pancreatitis as well.

Fights Bad Cholesterol

Our liver makes a compound named carnitine that converts fat into energy. L-lysine and methionine are required to manufacture carnitine. When you take L-lysine supplements, then your liver has enough carnitine to burn fat properly. Studies also suggest that L-lysine lowers the LDL cholesterol level in your blood and help to burn fat.

Lessens Cold Sores

herpes simplex virus is the main reason behind cold sores. According to one study, people who took a supplement of L-lysine had 2.4 fewer outbursts annually than people who did not have this supplement. Another study found that L-lysine was found to be an effective treatment in 87% of people who suffered from cold sores. It may also help with healing and pain relief.

Lowers Stress Levels

When the levels of neurotransmitter serotonin reduced, it may cause anxiety due to lower levels of L-lysine. The supplements of L-lysine can help higher the levers of serotonin and ease anxiety. One study looked over Syrian families whose diet was mainly grain base and low in L-lysine. When they took diet with L-lysine, then it decreased the levels of cortisol (steroid hormone) which is the main cause of stress.

L-Lysine 650mg Vegan Capsules L-Lysine 650mg Vegan Capsules
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